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with Elision Ensemble - Australian Contemporary Music

1/. Klaus K Hübler Grave e sfrenato for solo oboe (1985) 26'
2/. Timothy McCormack Mirror Stratum for contrabass clarinet and cello (11) 9'
3/. Evan Johnson Supplement for bass clarinet (2004) 9'
4/. Aaron Cassidy Being itself a catastrophe, the diagram must not create a catastrophe (or, Third Study for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion) (2007-09)
for oboe (doubling english horn and musette) and B-flat clarinet (doubling E-flat and bass clarinets) 14'
5/. Mark Barden Personae for bass flute, bass clarinet (2009) 10'
6/. Richard Barrett new work for ensemble (2011) 4’

Personnel: Paula Rae, Richard Haynes, Séverine Ballon, Daryl Buckley, Peter Veale


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