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with Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam)
"Chalk on blackboards; royal greeting blasts; a nightly fever dream with banging from the stairs; an out of control, runaway child’s clapping game; the interior of wings exposed by a six-surgeon team; music that repeatedly encounters its own mirror image; and an attempt to drown Debussy… "
Mayke Nas, in association with the Nieuw Ensemble, presents a several year intensive collaboration. The wide spectrum of Mayke Nas’s compositions will be highlighted during her portrait concert.


Entrez! (2002) for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet

Douze Mains (2008 – new version 2011) for 6 players on a large Piano with amplification

ik mis alleen een belletje… (1998) for Mandoline and Guitar

DiGiT #2 (2002) for 2 players on a Piano

La Chocolatière Brûlée (2005) for 11 musicians

Plons (Splash) (2009 – new version 2011) for 10 musicians

La Belle Chocolatière (2003) for 11 musicians

with the Nieuw Ensemble (Amsterdam)

Ed Spanjaard, Conductor
Margreet Niks, Flute
Xabier Lijo, Oboe
Arjan Kappers, Clarinet
Hans Wesseling, Mandolin
Helenus de Rijke, Guitar
Ernstine Stoop, Harp
John Snijders, Piano
Herman Halewijn, Percussion
Emi Resnick, Violin
Fredrik Boits, Viola
Jeroen den Herder, Cello
Dario Calderone, Double Bass
Joël Bons, Artistic Director

Mayke Nas, Piano
Alexandre Babel, Piano

I Delayed People’s Flights By Walking Slowly In Narrow Hallways (2010)
For interactive blackboards with electronic and video projection
Running from 6.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. (not during the concert)

The Nieuw Ensemble, which was founded in 1980 in Amsterdam, stands out among the ensembles for neue musik because plucked instruments such as the mandolin, the guitar, and the harp, play a central roll along side wind instruments, percussion instruments, and string instruments. As a result, the Ensemble has a unique repertoire of more than 500 specifically-composed compositions.
The Ensemble has given guest performances at important festivals like Donaueschigen, Huddersfield and Strasbourg, the Venice Biennale (la Biennale di Venezia), Ars Musica Brussels, Warsaw Autumn (Warszawska Jesie?), and the Paris Autumn Festival (Festival d’Automne à Paris). Additionally, the Nieuw Ensamble has begun its own festivals, such as the multicultural Festival of Plucked Instruments (1998) and The Refined Ear (2003), based around micro-tonality.

Mayke Nas (born in 1972 in Voorschoten, the Netherlands) studied piano and composition in Amsterdam, Tilburg, The Hague, and Melbourne. In her compositions, she often leaves the instrumental realm and works with video, text, and choreographic elements. She wrote commissioned pieces for the Nieuw Ensemble, the Asko Ensemble, the Schönberg Ensemble, the Ives Ensemble, Schlagwerk the Hague, Eighth Blackbird, and Calefax, among others. Her piece, (w)here (written for the Asko Ensemble) was distinguished with the Matthijs-Vermeulen-Förderpreis prize and, in 2005, she received the Anjer-Musikpreis prize for La Chocolatière Brûlée (work commissioned for the Nieuw Ensemble).
Mayke Nas is a 2011 guest of The Artists-in-Berlin Programme of the DAAD.

Entry: €10.00 / €6.00, concessions
Tickets at the ticket office


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