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“People interest me, their voice and their rhythm – the rhythm of words, of breathing, of a heart beating… Sometimes these are very mechanical and people convert themselves into a paradoxical machine, which either they manipulate or which manipulates them.”
Ond?ej Adámek

‘Imademo’ for soprano, viola and sample
‘Chamber Noise’ duet for cello and bass

Shigeko Hata – soprano
Ont?ej Adámek – keyboard
Carol Jimenez – viola
Cosima Gerhardt – cello
Arnulf Ballhorn – bass

Free entry – lasts around 30-40 min

More information available at: and
Would you like to see and hear the concert again?

The ‘Lunch & After Work Concerts Series 2011’ is a KNM Berlin project, as part of the / Ankunft: Neue Musik. is sponsored by the Netzwerk Neue Musik, a project supported by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes and the Kulturverwaltung des Landes Berlin. The project series / Ankunft: Neue Musik is additionally co-financed by the funds of the Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE).


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