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Robin Hayward
Grave Mountain Diagram
for horn, trombone and tuba

Nicolas Collins
Sonnet 40
Text: William Shakespeare
for trumpet solo

Ana Maria Rodriguez
Radiostation der vergessenen St├Ądte
text: Ron Winkler
for trumpet, percussion and live-electronic

Martin Bauer
Un candado de dolor (Poesia popular)
for trombone, percussion and tape

Mario Verandi
tour de trance
text: Monika Rinck
video, live-elektronik

Marcelo Toledo
for trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion and prerecorded sounds
text: Nora Iuga

Naama Golan, Solotrompete
Marcelo Toledo, Ana Maria Rodriguez/Mario Verandi, Live-Elektronik und Klangregie


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