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FÜNF PLUS EINS – A series of concerts in the Kleinen Wasserspeicher, Prenzlauer Berg.
From the 17th-19th September, six of the world’s most exciting Clarinet players will be meeting in Berlin. Throughout the five scheduled concerts, they will be exploring the specific architecture and extraordinary acoustics of the Kleinen Wasserspeicher in Prenzlauer Berg. This world first Clarinet festival comprises of several days of improvisation, as well as hard work and practice, ending with a public performance.

The program begins with a contrast: instrumental solo compositions for the Clarinet alongside five-part electro-acoustic pieces. In the concerts that follow, up to five of the included Clarinet players will play pieces ranging from solos to quintets, often combined with electro-acoustic accompaniments. In both quintet concerts later in the evening, the new sound material will be brought together using electronic music with live instrumental improvisations.

In total, some 17 compositions will be performed, with new instrumental pieces (Grisey, Barrett, Haas, Riehm, Zapf), similar pieces with electronic elements (Mitterer, Lang, Seidl) and audio tapes (Glandien, Wertmüller, Meadowcroft), as well as new electro-acoustic music (Kim, van der Heide). Some 11 works at FÜNF PLUS EINS will be debut performances.


Thursday 17th September 2009, 8:00 pm, eins + fünf

Suk-Jun Kim
“On the way to Fwarrheu” – Duet
“Talk to us!” for 5.1 (Debut Performance)

Rolf Riehm
“Ton für Ton (weiße Straßen Babylons)” for Clarinet – Solo

Marcelo Toledo
„Entraña / Descentro“ for Clarinet – Solo (Debut Performance)

Edwin van der Heide
“Shape – KWS” for five Loudspeakers (Debut Performance)

Friday 18th September 2009, 8:00 pm, fünf + eins

Wolfgang Mitterer
“LAKONIE” for 5 Clarinets with Electronic accompaniment (Debut Performance)

Richard Barret
“interference” for Clarinet – Solo

Annlesley Black
“tender pink descender” for 2 Clarinets (Debut Performance)

Lutz Glandien
“an echo is sometimes an answer” for Clarinet Trio and Electronic Music (Debut Performance)

Michael Wertmüller
“wantons corner” for 3 Clarinets and Electronic accompaniment (Debut Performance)

Friday 18th September 2009, 10:00 pm, Form Verhindern!
Composition for 5 Clarinets (Debut Performance)
Hannes Seidl (Concept / Electronics) and
Armand Angster
Hans Koch
Chris Heenan
Theo Nabicht
Manfred Spitaler

Saturday 19th September, 8:00 pm, Antiphone
Helmut Zapf
“Dreiklang IV” for 3 Clarinets

Christoph Staude
“REPLIK (INTARSIE II)” for 2 Clarinets (Debut Performance)

Thomas Meadowcroft
“Sunken Bore” for 3 Clarinets (Debut Performance)

Georg Friedrich Haas
“Antiphon” for 2 Clarinets in B

Gérard Grisey
“Anubis-Nout” 2 pieces for Clarinet in B flat.

Saturday 19th September, 10:00 pm, Wasserspeicher 01

Composition for 5 Clarinets (Debut Performance)
Bernhard Lang (Concept / Electronics) and
Armand Angster
Hans Koch
Chris Heenan
Theo Nabicht
Manfred Spitaler

Kleiner Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg
Entrance – Diedenhofer Straße
U2 Senefelder Platz and M2 Metzer Straße

Entry per Concert: Standard – 10 €, Concessions – 7 €
Day Pass: Standard – 15 €, Concessions – 10 €
Festival Pass: Standard – 30 €, Concessions – 20 €

In association with:
Theo Nabicht
DAAD Berliner Künstlerprogramm
singuhr - hoergalerie


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