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Ensemble Modern spielt
Gérard Grisey: Solo pour deux (1981) für Klarinette und Posaune; Olga Neuwirth: incidendo/fluido (2000) für Klavier und Zuspiel-CD; Steve Reich: Triple Quartet (1999) für Streichquartett mit Zuspiel-Band; Morton Feldman: The Viola in My Live II (1970) für Viola Solo und Ensemble; Mark Andre: ...als... I (2001) für Bassklarinette, Violoncello und Klavier
Nina Janßen, Klarinette
Uwe Dierksen, Posaune
Werner Dickel, Viola
Ueli Wiget, Klavier
Clemens Heil, Leitung
Ensemble Modern

„Beyond the Wall“ or: Composing as Utopia
The process of a search is essential to all the artistic creative processes which may not be pleased with any imitative conventionalism of already achieved norms; this process equals the struggle to find a way over a wall, to catch a glimpse of what lies beyond. „Beyond the wall“ – the theme of this exhibition series – is not only to be understood directly as a reference to the fruitful exchange of impulses during a situation of political separation but also as a metaphor for the artistic status of ‘being on the way’. Despite great differences the composers of tonight’s concert allow us within this framework to consider them as pathfinders: the glimpse beyond the wall is nothing else but the constant attempt to trace the utopia of the other side and to convey it to the public through novel aesthetical ideas about the act of perception.
(Stefan Drees/ transl. Katarzyna Kusnierz)

Event of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD
in co-operation with the Akademie der Künste,
as part of the exhibition „Beyond the Wall: Berlin – Free Port of the Arts“
in Max Liebermann Haus of the Stiftung Brandenburger Tor from 8.9. till 2.12.2007

Tickets via the Akademie der Künste 030/ 20057-1000

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