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In Lockdown Times: Compositions and Online-Performances
Composer Emre Dündar recently completed Vaveyla, a new fifteen-minute-long piece for large ensembles. In addition to an auspicious score, the proposed twenty-three instrumentalists in particular offer a glimpse of times when people can make music together again.

Sergey kasich had planned just before lockdown in Berlin a performance with Tomoko Hojo at Kunstquartier Bethanien; a Video documentation of this was developed instead. Meanwhile, the two have produced a second video: a live improvisation using the FingerRing interface developed by sergey kasich.

Matana Roberts is currently finishing the score for a large orchestral piece commissioned by the Donaueschingen Music Festival—it remains to be seen whether it can still be performed there this fall. In this piece she reflects on our relationship with nature and her time in Berlin during which the singing of birds has been her daily companion.

Tara Transitory, together with her partner Nguyễn Baly, developed a radio program for the Sounds Queer? series broadcast on Polish radio station Kapital. In lieu of the planned Superbooth performance featuring their joint duo Nguyễn + Transitory, they produced a video for the Superbooth Home Edition, which can be viewed here. The two also established Queer Ear Mastering, a mastering studio for women and queers seeking professional mastering services for their productions as well as support and advice regarding this process.


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