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Immersive Live Experience
CTM Festival 2020: LIMINAL
Renowned, prolific American composer and installation artist Ashley Fure explores the kinetic side of sound with “Hive Rise,” created in collaboration with interdisciplinary artist and director Lilleth Glimcher. Fure’s work stems from a fundamental belief that the sonic is social and the aesthetic is political. Blurring false binaries between formalism and conceptualism, abstraction and identity, onto-aesthetics and the social turn, she grapples with a micropolitical materialism that manifests on multiple scales. With “Hive Rise,” Fure delves into the site-specific magic of Berghain with her new, hand-picked ensemble of ten performers who perform with an array of custom 3D-printed megaphones that have become one of her signature sound sources. Created in collaboration with Matter Design, these unique objects focus acoustic energy in highly directional streams, producing palpable psychoacoustic artifacts which bounce off architectural surfaces. In conjunction with Berghain’s formidable subwoofers, the megaphones come together in a crescendoing composition. As Ashley and her collaborators move around the building, the megaphones function more like bodily extensions than external instruments, revealing sound and movement patterns that explore the ritualistic, spatial, acoustic, and participatory possibilities of Berghain. Considering posthuman kink, ritual acoustics, and the networked perceptions of the migratory hive mind, Fure’s new piece is a co-commission between CTM and DAAD’s Berliner Künstlerprogramm.

Hive Rise was developed during Ashley Fure’s fellowship at the Artists-in-Berlin program in 2018/19.

Ashley Fure: sound & concept
Lilleth Glimcher: direction & co-creation
Kelley Shih: light design
Laida Aguirre: scenic design
UY studio: costumes
Daniela Huerta: opening & closing set

Performers: Josephine Brinkmann, Yin Cheng-Kokott, Siri Elmqvist, Julian Fricker, Camille Käse, Dornika Kazerani, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Tatiana Mejia, Assi Pakkanen, Valerie Renay

Tickets 19,- €, presale here


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