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Exhibition Opening Sep 18, 2019, at 7pm
sergey kasich is a sound artist, technician, instrument builder, community activist and curator. All these activities link kasich to a DIY habitus that he has acquired not only out of pragmatism but also lives with deep conviction. The exhibition KlingKludge allows viewers to experience the extent to which this DIY spirit informs his art. The word “kludge” describes quick technical solutions that often lead to piecemeal, less elegant systems that somehow still function. sergey kasich’s title emphasizes the DIY nature of his work. He’s not interested in producing pretty objects but in creating functional and expressive constructions that can be made as cheaply as possible. The works shown here – PFX / presence FX (2015) and W-A-Y / Where are you (2014) – are part of his Existential Robotics series and are conceived as machines for raising existential questions and making existential experiences tangible.

PFX fires a pistol aimed at a microphone every hour. An algorithm then develops over the next sixty minutes a generative composition from the recorded reverberations in the room after the fired shot, which the audience hears live and listens to until the next shot is fired.
The audience has an effect on W-A-Y similar to how objects present in the room influence the sound of the shot being fired and thus the resulting composition.
Here, a laser scans the spatial environment—the walls, fixed, and potentially moving objects in the room – making audible their positions in real time. Bodies and objects thus become not only the source of sound, but also the source of control.
sergey kasich began his fellowship at the Artists-in-Berlin Program at the end of May 2019 and introduces his installative work to local audiences for the first time with these two works.

In cooperation with singuhr e.V. und Acud Macht Neu
Part of the Month of Contemporary Music

Enter at your own risk.
Children must be accompanied by adults with parental authority.


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