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Opening 11.09.2019, 7 pm
The artistic practice of Iman Issa is concerned with associative possibilities and experience. Issa explores the relationship between history, language and objects in works that span a range of media, including installation, sculpture, video, photography and text. In her ongoing studies, she uses a variety of forms, materials and strategies to deconstruct objects into isolated elements, while simultaneously visualising missing subtexts, concepts and narratives. Although the sources of the objects in her elusive displays are not divulged, descriptions and captions related to the original items are an important part of each work. Issa’s sculptural reinterpretations explore the act of perceiving and examine the relevance of historical artefacts to the present. The exhibition Book Of Facts focuses on Iman Issa’s use of different media and techniques. Extending across both floors of the daadgalerie, the presentation includes the series Lexicon (2012–19) and the sound installation The Revolutionary (2010), as well as a number of video and book works.

Born in Cairo in 1979, Iman Issa currently lives and works in Berlin. In 2017 she was a guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program. Issa’s works have been shown internationally in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Untitled (Study for 2019), 2019
Text panel under glass, video, colour, sound, 3 min 21 sec: news footage, colours (day sky blue, night sky blue, desert cream, infrared green, infrared purple, lit sky grey)
Part of the series Lexicon (2012–19)
Video still

Installation views: Thomas Bruns

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