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Sound installations + Performances
This year’s sound art programme at the Donaueschingen Festival will, in cooperation with the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, present works from Egypt, Bolivia, Morocco, Switzerland and Taiwan. The main focus is on works that establish a relationship between specific cultures of listening and their material, including ‘impoverished’ materials like cardboard and wire, natural fabrics like clay and stone. Carlos Gutiérrez (BKP guest 2018) and Tatiana López Churata's sound sculptures result from their engagement with the collective, psycho-acoustic instrumental sounds of the Aymara, an indigenous culture of the Andes. With the help of mechanical sound exciters, Zimoun transforms space into rhythmically complex time structures. Liping Ting (BKP guest 2018) stretches time and space in a constellation of materials within which she performs. Magdi Mostafa puts cultural-religious practices into dialogue with the contem porary by using varied media. Younes Baba-Ali stages the Western obsession of optimizing time.

On October 19, Julia Gerlach will lead visitors on a two-hour opening walk to the five installations with performances. The artists will be present. Starting point is the Alte Hofbibliothek.

Friday, 5-8 pm, Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am - 5pm

Museum Art.Plus
Two installations
Opening: Thursday 7pm

Carlos Gutiérrez Quiroga / Tatiana López Churata
Sound Sculptures

Alte Molkerei
Liping Ting
WATER – TIMING (series L.) „Licht Leuchten“
Space constellation with Paper, Stones, Sound, Video
Performances: Friday 6:15 pm,
Saturday and Sunday 2, 3, 4pm

Alte Hofbibliothek, Gewölbekeller
Magdi Mostafa
Surface of Spectral Scattering
Interactive light-sound-installation

Heinrich-Feurstein-Schule, Turnhalle
Younes Baba-Ali
Tic Nerveux


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