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The point of departure for Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s audiovisual installations and performances is his exploration of our auditory consciousness and memory involving primarily highly political contexts. In recent years, Abu Hamdan has frequently worked as a sound expert together with Forensic Architecture, an independent research agency that utilizes creative methods to uncover human rights violations, publish evidence and make it available for legal proceedings. In his own artistic work, Abu Hamdan develops abstract scenarios that address state and industrial violence and propaganda. A new video (Walled Unwalled, 2018) created in Berlin was shot inside Funkhaus Berlin in the former recording studios of the GDR’s radio broadcasting center. The movable walls and various material surfaces of the historical sound-effects studio are symbolic of Abu Hamdan’s analyzing of wall-based sound absorption and reflection involving various political case studies. Ultimately, in an era of transparent society and simultaneous segregation and demarcation, walls and barriers play an increasing role in determining the complex nature of our reality.


Di—So 12—19h
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