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Compositions for Radio
Werner Dafeldecker: Echoes of Humanity (2018, P)
4-channel-version of the eponymous radio composition by Lawrence English and Werner Dafeldecker (2016, SWR2)

Charo Calvo: Hertziana (2017–18)
Electro-acoustic composition, stereo

The concert brings together two radiophonic, electroacoustic compositions addressing fundamental principles of human existence.

"Echos of Humanities", by Werner Dafeldecker, seeks to reimagine the memories of human habitation, exploration and equally come to understand that deserts are dynamic, rich environments that require time and investigation if they are to be understood.
"Hertziana", an electroacoustic composition by Charo Calvo, is a sonic syncretic monster gifted with the voice of a crowd, several bouncing broken hearts, a collar made of all kinds of tears and two huge microphones scanning the large earth. Sorrow has a special phonic frequency. It vibrates in unique tones. We can easily identify the frequency of sorrow, even if it is not ours and feel empathy.

Concert in cooperation with the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program

Entry: 5€

Picture: Charo Calvo


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