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Addressing Climate Change
On March 14, musician Peter Cusack, curator Margarida Mendes of inhabitants, and biological oceanographer Rolf Peinert talk about artistic and scientific strategies, climate change, and its impact on bodies of water.

Sound artist and musician Peter Cusack presents recordings from his multi-year, sonic field research on the Aral Sea. These are part of his “sonic journalism” works, which he uses to draw attention to ecological woes but also strategies for taking action.

Rolf Peinert is a biological oceanographer and managing director of the "German Marine Research Consortium", a joint venture by fifteen institutions and universities in Germany in the field of marine, polar and coastal research.

Talk in English

Peter Cusack: “Aral Sea Stories, Aral Sea Thoughts”

Margarida Mendes (inhabitants): “Tools for Ocean Literacy”

Rolf Peinert

Photo©Agnieszka Brzezanska


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