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Artist's talk about the concept of immersion in art / Ultraschall Berlin
For perspektivwechsel, an event series centered on dialogue, field notes—in partnership this time with Ultraschall Berlin and the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin program—invites writers, philosophers and visual artists to talk with composers and musicians about commonalities and differences in their respective realms of artistic production.

On this Sunday afternoon, Israeli composer Yair Klartag and Cologne-based scenographer and director Mona el Gammal discuss their varying approaches to immersion. In his work, Yair Klartag deals with the immersive character of music, an aspect he repeatedly seeks to break apart in order to provide listeners the necessary distance for critical reflection. Mona el Gammal, on the other hand, creates room / sound installations that tell stories, fully immersing viewers in their narratives. Immersion in these artificially created parallel worlds allows recipients to form their own experiences and thus their own insights.

Moderation: Lydia Rilling

Cooperation of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, field notes and Ultraschall Berlin

Followed by a DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program reception

Free entry


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