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mikromusik festival
Max Eastley: Three Dimensions (2017, UA)

Max Eastley - kinetic instruments
John Butcher - saxophone
Ute Wassermann - voice

Constantly inventing new variants of small gestures, pursuing ideas and thus a process yielding a transformation are characteristic traits of Max Eastley’s (2017 ABP guest) musical improvisations, which have always accompanied his visual and installation-based work. For the concert, he has invited London-based saxophonist John Butcher and Berlin-based vocalist Ute Wassermann for two improvisations. In addition to the Arc, a self-made monochord instrument, Eastley will also integrate kinetic instruments that establish a link to the exhibition at the daadgalerie.

In cooperation with Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Deutschlandfunk Kultur broadcast on September 29, 2017, 0.05 am


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