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Presentation of the spaciality of the vocal composition „Im Keller“
Composed for two simultaneous vocal seeds with different temporal and harmonic formations, the discourse in "Im Keller" engages with virtual spaces that yield unique characteristics pertaining to each seed. Accordingly, one of the main focus of the piece lies on constructing simultaneous virtual spaces, of which the spatial displays would saturate the diverse and characteristic sonic-temporal entities stemming from these seeds. The musical goal of the piece is, then, to offer a new tool-bench by which the spatial auditory information is incorporated to accommodate perceptual access points for the complex formal networks of the work. In this talk, we will discuss the ways in which we achieved these goals by means of live processing, and survey the challenges and solutions we had.

Im Keller was premiered by Neue Vocalsolisten in the festival mikromusik on September 4.

Free entry

in coorperation with electronic studio TU Berlin


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