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Pavlos Antoniadis, Turgut Erçetin, Antye Greie, Mathias Spahlinger, Turgay Ulu
Moderation: Andrew R. Noble

As the Knots Getting Tight: The ties that bond contemporary music and political Action

Does the contemporary music scene in Europe constitute a relevant context in politicizing the spatial discrepancy pertaining to the social spaces that are claimed respectively by current revolutionary and art movements? If so, what sort of political agencies can the activists offer musicians in this cultural context? Would an interaction as such result in appropriating activism to make art? Or would it yield to construct a conveying medium through which such social spaces can be reproduced?
The strands of political issues that we often think of as separate entities seem to have tangled and composed a manifold network of complexities in the social spaces we engage with. As each string is pulled by diverse but related dynamics, ranging from current German / Turkish relations to the so-called “refugee crisis”, several knots have appeared and caused pressure nodes that are mobile. The primary goals of this talk are to provide a thorough and critical basis for discussion, by which the overtones pertaining to each vibrating string of political issues will be surveyed with a close reading of their pressure nodes and to reflect on potential means of action from musical communities. Correspondingly, activists and musicians with activist backgrounds will address the questions above from the perspectives of their past and current political agencies.

Turgut Erçetin (Guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program 2016)

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