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An evening with Zsófia Bán.
With a film by Péter Forgácz.
A reading by Zsófia Ban.
And Bossa Nova by Rozina Pátkai und Ifj. Tóth István

Host: Terézia Mora
Zsófia Bán, born in Rio de Janiro, raised in Brazil and Hungary, is gifted with many talents. Not only is she a renowned literary and art critic, has worked in film studios and as an exhibition curator and taught American studies in Budapest. Moreover, she was already celebrating success as a prose author with her first work, ‘Abendschule. Eine Fibel für Erwachsene’ (2007) and since then has been considered one of the most important writers in her country. Bán is also most ambitious in terms of form and content which she has shown with her second anthology ‘Als nur die Tiere lebten’ (2012). In this work Zsófia Bán breaks down supposedly contrasting life stories within the smallest amount of space and uncovers their unseen connections: Emigration and uprooting, life before and after- and the rift that this internal division triggers in a person. The poetic process Zsófia Bán employs is complex: out of microscopic details she brings the unseen into the light by using a Blow-Up technique and produces connections in meaning through daring reflections and refractions, cascades of imagery, which arrange the various planes of narration and time with each other in a puzzling illogical composition. In this respect, her prose (expertly translated into German by Terézia Mora) demands a dance out of the chasm- and into a desire for the wonderful and problematic freedom of interpretation.

daadgalerie, Zimmerstraße 90, 10117 Berlin

Free entry.

Filmstill Copyright: Péter Forgácz.


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