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Recital Michael Bach (Violoncello); Recital Marianne Schroeder (Klavier); Concert, in coop. with Musik Projekte Berlin e.V., Sender Freies Berlin and DAAD.
Nicolaus A.Huber "Der Ausrufer steigt ins Innere" (1984); Morton Feldman "Projection I" (1950), "Intersection IV" (1953); Dieter Schnebel "5 Interventionen" (1987);
Bernd Alois Zimmermann "Sonate für Violoncello Solo" (1969); Beat Furrer "Voicelessness, The snow has no voice" (1986); Hanna Kulenty "Sesto"(1985);
Barbara Monk Feldman "The I and thou" (1987);
Galina Ustwolskaja "Sonate Nr.4"(1957), "Sonate Nr.6" (1988)


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