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30.08. – 05.09.
Mo-Sa: 11-18 Uhr
John Burnside
Bee Myths (2015)
mikromusik festival
Literature & Music
Spreech- and Soundinstallation
Eröffnung/Opening, Samstag 29.08.: 19-21:00 Uhr
Image: Event
19:00 Uhr
Yutaka Makino
Relational Conditions (Katalog 2015)
Presentation of the catalogue with live-electronic performance von Yutaka Makino
Image: Event
17.09. – 31.10.
Chitti Kasemkitvatana
One moment into another. A collision.
Opening: Wednesday, September 16th, 7-9pm
17. September – 31. October 2015
Alvin S. Curran
Vortrag bei KlangKunstBühne

17.08.15Hot off the press: Relational Conditions, Monographic Catalog about the installations and performances of Yutaka Makino
The artistic situations created by Yutaka Makino can best be understood as integrated states at the crossroads between art, music, philosophy, perception, and science. Each of these aspects generates an access point to works that usually take the form of installations or performances. Intellectual understanding is coupled here with the viewer’s perceptual and physical ...
13.07.15The new guests for 2016 have been selected.
Following the recommendations of international nomination committees, the Artists-in-Berlin Program of the German Academic Exchange Service invites the following artists to Berlin for a twelve-month stay, six months in the field of film, in 2016:

Visual Arts
Michel Auder – France
Banu Cennetoğlu – Turkey
Minouk Lim – South Korea
03.03.15Hot off the press “druckmaschine drittmensch” – 18 poems by Afrizal Malna translated into German by Ulrike Draesner
In October Indonesia, this year’s “guest of honor” at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, is introducing its authors. One of the most interesting Indonesian poets is currently a guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program: Arfrizal Malna, born in 1957 in Jakarta, is a central figure within the artistic avant-garde of his country. Afrizal Malna is a loner who aims to see, hear ...
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