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The Rudolf Arnheim Guest Professorship for Art History
The individual fields of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm have been in contact with Berlin universities about guest professorships in order to achieve more transparency and support in the entire field of culture.

For this reason the DAAD has in conjunction with the Humboldt University Berlin, the Prussian Cultural Foundation and the Brandenburg Tor Foundation for Berlin Bank Companies, established the Rudolf Arnheim Guest Professorship for Art History at the Humboldt University, which began in the winter semester 2000/2001.

The guest professor serves in the teaching of, as well as in the critical reflection of, the art history of the area as well as offering other subject areas for interested students. Above all he/she should organise universal and public Veranstaltungen with the support of the establishment and seek to establish and expand international contact and dialogue between the area of art history and other related areas, as well as maintaining contact and co-operation with artists in Berlin and with guests of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm.

The guest professorship was called after the merited professor of art psychology, Rudolf Arnheim, who from 1923 to 1928 studied psychology, art history, music history, and philosophy in Berlin. He emigrated in 1983 and later emigrated again to the US. As a co-founder of the psychology of form, Arnheim in an unprecedented, open way, developed the theory of "thoughtful seeing" and the form as a larger than life strategy.

What is also important for art history seminars is that he worked with all the media, among them film. His book "Film as Art" is a classic on the theories on film. Today living in the USA, Arnheim agreed with delight to the conferral of his name on the guest professorship.

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