Lise Raven
Lise Raven had a somewhat eventful youth. At the young age of 14 she left school and travelled across America for seven years, surviving by taking on casual work. During this period she wrote numerous short stories. After beginning a career as an actress, dancer, director and choreographer in theatre, she decided to study film at New York University. Since then she has made numerous short films, some of which were produced by her husband Frank Hudec. Lise Raven made her first full-length feature film "Low" in 1994. "Low" tells the story of Speck, who attempts to gain some longed-for attention from his brother-in-law by kidnapping a female stranger. Raven’s debut film was shown at international festivals (including Munich, Karlovy Vary, Sidney) and was one of the key parts of the "Slamdance" movement, an initiative of independent filmmakers promoting the production of films with small budgets.

After made-for-TV films such as "Sing Sing" (1996), "The Boxer" (1996) and "Gun Shy" (1997), Lise Raven received a DAAD fellowship in Berlin in 2000; she devoted her time here to working on the short film "Mr. Bones", for which she received the Slamdance $99 Special Award in 2002.

Currently the filmmaker, who also works as a production designer ("Building Bombs" (2000), "The Exchange" (2002)), is preparing her next feature, "Snipe". Lise Raven lives and works in New York.