Kurt Dublon

31.7.1914 Born in Mannheim, Germany
1934 finishes High-School
1934 acquaintance with Franz Xaver Fuhr, who provides support and artistic mentoring
1934 Participation in the Berlin Jewish Cultural Association’s group (Juedischer Kulturbund) show "Jewish Artists in the Reich" ("Juedische Künstler im Reich")
1936 Expatriation to Norway
1937 Emigration to Palestine, Israel
1939 Further study in painting with Jacob Steinhardt in Jerusalem
1944 Solo show in the Schlosser Gallery, Jerusalem. Regular solo and group shows, for example in the Artists' House and the Nora Gallery, Jerusalem; Gallery 220 in Tel Aviv; the Holon Museum; etc.
1950 Membership in the Israeli Artists' Union
1963 Solo shows at the Darmstadt Art Hall and the Mannheim Art Association
1965 Participation in the traveling group show, "Graphics from Israel" in German and Finnish galleries
1968 Yearlong appointment as artist-in-residence at the Artists-in-Berlin Programme (DAAD)
1968 Solo show at the Kunstamt Neukölln
1969 Solo shows in the Besser Gallery, Cologne; the Ben-Wargin Gallery, Berlin; and the Mont-Joie Gallery, Brussels
1970-84 Art instructor in the Jerusalem public college
1970 Participation in the group show "Jerusalem" in the City Museum of Trier
1971 Participation in a group show of Israeli artists at the Zurich Art Association
1972 Solo show at the Wittlich Art Center
1973 Solo show at the Kubus Gallery, Mannheim
1974 Solo show at the Stuttgart-Cannstadt Kolping House
1975 Participation in the traveling group show, "“Jerusalem Artists 1975," which opened at the Kassel Art Association and toured other major German cities, including Berlin, Bremen, Hannover, Frankfurt and Stuttgart
1976 Solo show at the Krieger Gallery, Kassel
1980 Participation in group show at the Catholic Academy of Trier
1983 Solo show in the Hofgeismar Art Society (Kunstkreis Hofgeismar)
1987 Guest of the Villa Massimo, Rome
1988-9 Participation in the group show, "Six Israeli Painters," Gustav-Lübcke Museum, Hamm, Westphalia
31.7.2002 Died in Jerusalem