Carlos A. Morelli
Carlos A. Morelli was born in Uruguay in 1977. He attended his first violin class at the age of six. After completing education as a soloist at the conservatory of the Simón Bolívar orchestra in Venezuela he began a career as the first violinist in various youth orchestras in Uruguay and Argentina. Morelli discovered his writing talent during a screenplay course. He abandoned his music career in 1999 and began screenplay studies at the ESCAC Film School in Barcelona graduating in 2004.
With the support of the UNICEF, Morelli shot in 2001/2002 a series of TV reports, amongst others about children labour in Latin America. His first short fiction film turned out to be an immediate success. The story of an accident in „Alguien debe morir“ (Someone Must Die, 2002) has been invited to numerous film festivals, including Rotterdam, and received a prize for the best screenplay. In 2004 Morelli took part at the Berlinale Talent Campus.
Whether as a documentary or a feature film, simple humane stories interest Morelli. This credo describes the director who tells us about the happiest husband in the world and his cheating wife in just four minutes: „Un hombre feliz“ (A Happy Man, 2002) can be seen in the programmes of numerous festivals, such as Montevideo, Leeds, Rotterdam and Oberhausen, and has been awarded the prize for the best foreign short film at the Short Film Festival in Buenos Aires.

Man and woman encounter each other frequently in Morelli’s films. In this way the director always proves his fine talent for observation and casts a tender gaze on the peculiarity of interpersonal relationships. This is also the case with the music comedy „Breve Historia sobre como se conocieron y enamoraron un hombre y una mujer (Brief Story of How a Man and a Woman Met and Fell in Love, 2003). The film has also been invited to numerous short film festivals (Rotterdam, Tampere, Leeds, and many others) and has won multiple first prizes. „La última noche en la tierra de Ester Píscore“ (Last Night on earth of Ester Piscore, 2006) tells us of a love-story between two city characters of a very different sort: old Ester and a chance-callboy who dreams of a big career in Broadway. „Ester Piscore“ is being successfully shown at film festivals in Europe and Argentina.

Morelli currently finishes several film projects, including the documentary „Mariachis: La música como constructor de la identidad de Guadalajara“ (Music as a Constructor of Guadalajara’s Identity, 2007); he is responsible for the direction, screenplay as well as editing. His feature film „Happy Llantas” (Happy Tires, 2007) is currently under development, and the shooting is planned for 2008.

Carlos Morelli lives with his wife and child in Guadalajara, Mexico. He teaches Film Production and Screenplay Writing at various universities and works on his own film projects as a director and screenplay writer for a film company. During his stay in Berlin he is going to work on two documentaries, one of which is dedicated to the Berliner Philharmoniker.

Filmography (selection):

2002 Someone Must Die (short film,
16mm,10 min)
A Happy Man (short film, 16mm, 4
2003 Brief Story of How a Man and a
Woman Met and Fell in Love) (short
film; DigiBeta,10 min)
A Sunday in the Country
(documentary film, DigiBeta, 10 min)
2005 The Land Without Limits (series of
documentary films, S16mm)
2006 Last Night on Earth of Ester Piscore
(short film, S16mm, 15 min )
2007 Mariachis. Music as a Constructor of
Guadalajara’s Identity (documentary
film, in V.)
Happy Tires (feature film, 35mm, in