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Hyung-Sook Hong was born in 1962 in South Korea. In 1986 she completed her degree in Graphic Design, Film and Photography in the Department of Audiovisual Education at the Women’s University of Ewha. In 1987 she became a member of the Seoul Visual Collective and has been it’s representative since the year 2000. In that year she also received a fellowship from the Artists-in-Berlin Programme.

Her 1997 documentary "On Line: an Inside View of Korean Independent Film" depicts independent film work in Korea. Using archive material and numerous interviews with contemporary filmmakers, Hyung-Sook Hong takes a look at independent film in Korea, setting it in a historical context whilst demonstrating new trends. The film was shown at the Forum of the Berlinale in 1998.

The filmmaker received international acclaim for her film "The Border City" (2002), which expresses criticism of Korea. It is based on the true story of Du-Yul Song, a Professor of Philosophy and Sociology, who emigrated to Germany and after many years in exile wished to visit his home country. However, the South Korean secret service believed him to be a high-ranking spy in the service of North Korea and prevented him entering the country. Even during shooting, the secret service of South Korea informed the producers to avoid any political statement in the film or to stop the production entirely. Nonetheless, "The Border City" was premiered at the international film festival Pusan (North Korea) in 2002 and also shown at the Forum of the Berlinale in 2003. As well as realising her own films, Hyung-Sook Hong also works as a radio author, writes film criticism and teaches film direction.

Filmography (selection)
Where we live, where we struggle (feature film) 1990
For our songs that will echo through Oakpo Bay (feature film, 68 min, Video, Colour) 1991
54 Days of Summer (feature film) 1993
On-Line: an Inside View of Korean Independent Film (documentary) 1997
Reclaiming our names (feature film) 1998
Doomaelee, the very first step (feature film, 80 min, 35 mm, colour) 2000
The Border City (feature film, 79 min, Digi Beta PAL, colour) 2002
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