curating connections

As global nomads, curators act as intermediaries: they provide the all-important nexus between artists, institutions and the public. KfW Stiftung's curators-in-residence programme offers promising young curators from Latin America, Africa and Asia the opportunity to spend several months in Berlin, thus promoting intercultural exchange in exhibition organisation.

"Curating Connections" is the title of the open grant scheme in Berlin set up as collaboration KfW Stiftung and the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Programme. It does not centre around a single exhibition project but serves to develop new projects, create a profile, conduct research and establish a professional network. Each year, one person is selected for an individual working visit to Berlin lasting three or six months.

Selection procedure: bright young curators are nominated by internationally renowned curators and artists from different parts of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Direct applications are not accepted. A jury of experts selects the successful candidate.