Datum / Uhrzeit
14.11. – 15.11.
Künstler / Titel
Carlos Gutiérrez, Tatiana Lopéz
Listening session n°5
SAVVY Contemporary
Plantagenstraße 31 13347 Berlin Wedding
Sikus - Workshop und Konzert

Mittwoch 14.11.2018
9:00–18:30 Workshop

Donnerstag 15.11.2018
19:00 (doors 18:30) Konzert
20:00 Vortrag von Carlos Gutiérrez and Tatiana López

Tuaillu de la Comunidad de Upinhuaya (traditionelles bolivianisches Lied)
aufgeführt durch die Workshopteilnehmer

Carlos Gutiérrez: Jintili (2012)
aufgeführt durch Jorge Villaseca, Boris Slowikowski, Tatiana López and Carlos Gutiérrez

Carlos Gutiérrez: Ch'ipa (versión 2018)
aufgeführt durch die Workshopteilnehmer

To continue the quest of rethinking what contributes to the universalities of contemporary music today, the experimental avant-garde composer Carlos Gutiérrez (guest of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program) and musician and visual artist Tatiana López were invited for the next UNTRAINING THE EAR listening session. In this session, people listen to and through Sikus, a traditional Andean panpipe which will be built during a two days long workshop-performance listening session with participants and the artists.
Through almost inaudible sonic variations performed in the works of Carlos Gutiérrez and Tatiana Lopéz, such as subtle pitch bends, polyphonic sounds produced by the Bolivian wind instruments, polyrhythmic musical composition structures, their work pushes the listeners to a more concrete listening mode and creates situational soundscapes. Those scapes therefore become an ongoing process of sharing through the sonic imagination and relationships between the knowns and the unknowns, found in the musical constellations experienced during the performance. They explore depths of reflection on togetherness, everyday materials, time, space, and movement.
The term indigenous (esp. indígena) in that case is used in the Bolivian context, to designate an identification assumed by ancestral cultures. However, in the current Bolivian context it is also a word questioned in its meanings which will be one of the core conversations raised and challenged in this session in an open conversation with the invited public.
On the first day of this Listening Session, Carlos Gutiérrez and Tatiana Lopéz will give a workshop on constructing Bolivian Sikus (panpipes in Aymara language) and teach a traditional tune from la Comunidad de Upinhuaya. After that, participants of the workshop will apply the learnt techniques and principles to collectively work on a contemporary music piece using the instruments they have produced.
The second day of the Listening Session is open to the public, and we invite you to a lecture by Carlos Gutiérrez and Tatiana López in which they will converse about their work with the Experimental Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments (OEIN) in its investigative pedagogical and creative scope, including audio and video samples of the oeuvre of the orchestra, and various collaborations which they have done extensively with indigenous communities in Bolivia. Subsequent to the lecture, the three musical compositions will be performed in a concert open to the public.

Kuratiert von Kamila Metwaly
im Gespräch mit Julia Gerlach
Ko-kuratoren: Marcus Gammel, Jan Rohlf
Produktion: Beya Othmani, Ola Zielińska

In Zusammenarbeit mit Deutschlandfunk Kultur and CTM Festival
zu hören in der reihe Klangkunst bei Deutschlandfunk Kultur, präsentiert von Esther Schelander
Mit Unterstützung von Musicboard Berlin,Berliner Künstlerprogramm es DAAD
Medienpartner: Norient

SAVVY Contemporary
Plantagenstraße 31
13347 Berlin

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