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International Workshop
9:30 Welcome

10:00-11:30 Panel 1
Sound Art in Africa? Tendencies, technologies, esthetics, histories

C-drk (CG, Curator and Musician): Sound art and experimental music in different regions of Africa
and their historical background
Anna Raimondo (IT / BE, Radio Artist): Sound Art in Morocco
Emeka Ogboh (NG, Sound and Media Artist): Nigeria and Sound Art in Africa - per skype
Oliver Schneller (DE, Composer and Curator, Professor for Composition in Hannover): Sound Art in

11:45-12:30 Discussion 1
Exotism, Post-Colonialism, Interculturalism
Opportunities and pitfalls of globalized sound art

12:30-13:30 Lunch with ambient music by C-drk (Kongo)

13:30-14:45 Panel 2
Sound Art in Asia? Tendencies, technologies, esthetics, histories

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (IN, Sound Artist): Sound Art in India
Julia Gerlach (DE, Head of Music, DAAD’s Artists-in-Berlin Program, Curator): Gilles Aubrys “Notes via
a soundscape of Bollywood”
Pichaya Aime Suphavanij (TH, Curator, Head of the Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture
Centre): Sound Art in South-East-Asia
Luca Forcucci (IT / CH, Sound Artist): Sound Art in China
Peter Cusack (GB, Sound Artist): Global and local sound

14:45-15:30 Discussion 2
In the field: recording, composing, conceiving
Global aesthetics, methods and topics of sound art

16:00-17:15 Panel 3
Sound Art in South and Central America? Tendencies, technologies, esthetics, histories

Mario de Vega (MX, Sound Artist): Creating Sound Art in Mexico
Ana Maria Rodrigues (AG, Composer, Electronic Musician, Curator): Buenos Aires as center for
Sound Art in South America
Mario Verandi (AG, Sound and Radio Artist): Creating Sound Art in Argentina
Marco Montiel-Soto (VE, Sound Artist): Creating Sound Art in Venezuela
Chico Mello (BR, Composer, Musician): Multicultural misunderstandings

17:15-18:00 Discussion 3
Sound perspectives
What can we do to strengthen global sound art?

18:00-20:00 Talks and drinks, with Sohrab (Iran, Touch Music)

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