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2 Klanginstallationen im schalltoten Raum und in der Echokammer der TU Berlin

in Kooperation mit Club Transmediale und TU Berlin
am Wochenende 29./30.1.11 und 5./6.2.11
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TU Berlin
Technische Akustik
Schalltoter Raum
Einsteinufer 25
10587 Berlin

U2 Ernst-Reuter-Platz

A series of installations, "Temporal Objects" spatio-temporally unfolds processes of objectification and de-objectification of sound within a human body. Through transformation of spatial perception, diverse temporal structures of sound emerge. During CTM Yutaka Makino will present "Temporal Object #1" in the Anechoic Room, and "Temporal Object #2" in the Reverberation Room of the Technical University Berlin.

Yutaka Makino (b. 1976) is an artist based in Berlin. Makino’s works deal with multi-modalities of human perception through construction of dynamic systems as empirical environments. With his interdisciplinary background in art and science, his current research operates among art, science, architecture and philosophy, involving researches in sound/form synthesis, spatial perception, complex dynamical systems and new materiality.

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In cooperation with the Electronic Music Studio of TU Berlin, Audiocommunications Group.
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Since the installations may be experienced by one person at a time only, visitors are required to reserve their time slot beforehand. Please choose your prefered free slot from the list below and reserve by
sending an email to › temporalobject_at_clubtransmediale.de

Please give your full name, date and requested time. You will recieve a confirmation email with instructions.

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