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Vortrag von Mustafa Hussain Shabbir
This talk will track the life-worlds of the Singaporean artist Mohammad Din Mohammad (1955-2007), a Sufi who worked as a traditional healer, painter and collector of Southeast Asian plants and ethnographic objects. It will do this by revealing significant aspects of Din’s life-work through a series of drawings, photographs, writings and unfinished works which he collectively referred to as “The Pyramid of Souls” - a strategy he developed over three decades that consciously blurred the very notion of the ‘art object’ as it oscillated between its vernacular intent, the discourse of modern museology, and what he contended as a 'living and dynamic reality’ of the object itself.

Mustafa Hussain Shabbir ist Kurator an der National Gallery Singapore und derzeit Gastkurator des Programms Curating Connections, einer Kooperation zwischen der KfW Stiftung und dem Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD.

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